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ShinyLayers Certification

ShinyLayers design course: ShinyLayers Certification


ShinyLayers is a unique learning hub where professionals exchange creative skills.

Your certificate is a trusted proof for a high level of creative and technical proficiency. With your certificate at hand, you are ready to fuel your career, change your job or design what you always wanted to.

With ShinyLayers, we focus on production techniques common standards and train you to bring real value to computer based design work. We teach you workflow, background and crafty techniques used in multiple real life scenarios and give you work around for the version dependent functionality in any software.

The ShinyLayers certificate stands for professionalism. We think that every day design work requires more than tools only. Empowered with an in-depth understanding of the domain they will be working in, certified students excel in knowledge and skill.

Good to know

When competition for jobs is tough, a ShinyLayers certificate helps you stand apart.

Your instructor sends your certificate to you, at the end of your course.
Your certificate is personal, demonstrates your proficiency in the mentioned course and remains valid for as long as the software package you were trained for, is in use.
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