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Course schedule

When can I have class?

For individual classes, the instructor will try to match his schedule to yours. Please let him know your preferred time frame so a first and succeeding sessions can be planned.

For group classes, please refer to the schedule published here.

Can I change course schedule for individual classes at any time?

You can change your course schedule, as long as you inform your instructor at least one day before. Canceling your course the same day forfeits it.

For individual classes, can I change the duration of a course session?

Yes as long as this works within both, your schedule, and the instructor's schedule.


How much is my course?

Please check our rates here.

Can I have a discount?

ShinyLayers offers discounted rates to groups ( over 10 students). Ask us, please mention the size of the group.


Which course is right for me?

In case you are not sure which course to go for, please ask us by using the book-a-course-section and use the comment space to detail your concern. We will ask an instructor to talk to you, and, based on his assesment, will advise on which course path is best for you.

What do I need to start my course?

Your instructor will give you all the information that is needed: course content, materials, hard and software requirements. If you have any questions let him know asap.

Is my laptop good enough or should I invest in a new computer?

Your instructor will advise you on the version of software that is being used during the classes together with the system requirements that come with it. Keep in mind that we do NOT sell software. Rarely you will need a new laptop to start your course. If you still consider buying new, find here some selection and buying tips.

Group classes

Information about the group classes...

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