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  Below are course fees in € per hour for individual classes confirmed in . For group classes, please contact us.

  For on-site company group rates, ask us, please mention the size of your group.

  Prices can be updated without warning.

  Some courses require additional fees for materials, etc. that are not listed below. Your instructor will inform you.

  Courses are paid upfront (prepaid), by bank transfer or cash.

  Course gift vouchers are available for all courses listed below. Find out here how they work.

  Most courses come with a minimum subscription. Your instructor will inform you.


Digital graphic design Digital graphic design foundations 50 20
Digital drawing Traditional art with a digital workflow 50  10
3D Sculpting 3D sculpting concepts with Mudbox and ZBrush 50 20
Photoshop Primer Adobe Photoshop core knowledge 50 20
Photoshop for fashion Photoshop fashion industry techniques 50 20
Photoshop retouch master Advanced selection and retouching techniques 50 20
Illustrator Primer Adobe Illustrator core knowledge 50 20
Illustrator for fashion Patterns, flats, brushes, etc. 50 20
Illustrator master Advanced vector art with Illustrator 50 20
InDesign master Multiple page layouts & graphics with Adobe InDesign 50 20
Flash Primer Animated vector graphics with Adobe Flash 50 20
After Effects Motion graphics with Adobe After Effects 50 20
Web design Primer Web design core concepts 50 20
Dreamweaver webmaster Building a website with Dreamweaver 50 20
CMS master Build a site with Joomla, Wordpress or Drupal 60 20
3D Maya Primer Autodesk Maya modeling and rendering 50 20
SketchUp Primer SketchUp core concepts 50 20
AutoCad Primer Autodesk AutoCad core concepts 50 20
SolidWorks Primer Dassault Systems SolidWorks core concepts 50 20
Autodesk Revit Autodesk Revit core concepts 360 20
SketchUp Master Advanced modeling with SketchUp 60 20
Rhino-Grasshopper Modeling with Rhino-Grasshopper 60 20
Marvelous designer Design clothes and fabrics in 3D 60 20
ZBrush Primer 3D Sculpting with ZBrush 60 20
Photoshop for teenagers Create fun graphics with Photoshop contact





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