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Marvelous Designer course

ShinyLayers Marvelous designer: course objectives


Marvelous Designer is a pattern based, intuitive 3D clothing tailoring application.

In this bespoke training, we bring you the essentials of working with fabric and virtual clothing in a digital way. You will learn how to create a complex dress, drape any shape of fabric around any type of character or object.

Course Objectives

Targeted towards users that already have an understanding of 3d modeling and pattern creation in PS and/or AI, this course aims to let you design clothing parts and drape them along a 3d model.

4 main objectives:

Understanding the workflow, interface and the main components.
Master the design and editing process to turn flats into 3d sewed clothing.
Ability in changing fabric related properties.
Ability in exporting finished projects and re-integrate them in other workflows.


This course uses some intermediate Photoshop and Illustrator techniques:
make sure you are familiar with masking and pattern making in both Photoshop and Illustrator. No particular 3D software knowledge is needed. For hardware requirements, please contact your instructor.

Marvelous Designer course outline

Intro: Design fashion, workflow and why MD is so popular.
Interface and fashion creation workflow.
Creating bodice patterns.
Prepare simulations.
Stitching and simulating the bodice.
Enhancing the bodice with curves and internal lines.
Using elastic and exploring particle distances.
Adding the sleeves.
Continuing with the sleeves.
Creating the first skirt.
Continuing on the first skirt.
Creating the second skirt.
Adding a skull shaped hole to our pattern.
Adding and finalizingthe extra details.
Creating new fabrics.
Exploring the property editor.
Applying and manipulating textures.
Adding graphic overlays.
Posing the character.
Posing the dress.
Exporting your garment.
Tweaking the model in Other 3d software.


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After this course

Upon completion of the Marvelous Designer course, perhaps you are interested in upgrading your Photoshop or Illustrator skills:


   Photoshop for fashion

   Illustrator for fashion

   Illustrator master

   3D Modeling & rendering

ShinyLayers course completion and  graduation mark

Student reviews

"For me, this module was a most interesting and fascinating experience. I learned so much and I truly believe that my creative skills improved a lot! The course materials were superb and my tutor was genuinely inspirational. Thank you! "

"Just reporting on another milestone success in my exciting design career. I submitted a personal letter to Mark from ShinyLayers thanking him for his dedication and everyday follow-up on the quality of this course. Congratulations & keep up the great work! "


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