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ShinyLayers digital drawing course: course objectives


Learn how to create visually compelling and creative illustrations.. better and faster. In this digitally drawing class you will cover principles of drawing and ways to enhance your workflow. You'll be introduced to innovative and streamlined artistry that shows you how to use both traditional and digital techniques easier and more accurately.

This course welcomes you into the digital age, targets to streamline your drawing process, and leap over the limitations of traditional drawing approach.

Course Objectives

This course is aimed towards new and mid-level designers. Our main objective is to let you create a digital workflow and create graphic art from start to finish covering both traditional and digital techniques.

4 main objectives:

Mastering the graphic tablet in order to transform it into a powerful creative tool.
Learn how to use this physical tool into various digital drawing software.
Learn how to transform a physical sketch, or an idea into a digital drawing or a colored artwork.
Ability to work with colors, brushes, pens to get into a detailed and harmonious digital artwork.


No specific background is required. Familiarity with digital picture-taking is recommended but not required.
Those with strong drawing skills will find the design exercises in visual expression and composition challenges easier.
For the digital workflow please contact your instructor for more details.

Digital drawing course outline

get familiar with the graphic tablet, gestures and pressure.
Overview of different software and how to use the graphic pen within those software
Clear line 1 : balance and control of movement to master simple shape drawings.
Clear line 2 : Control of pressure and gesture to accomplish more advanced drawings.
Brush : learn the different brush options to adjust the best setting accordingly to the drawing.
Import : Bring a physical sketch into a digital file, edit, and refine it throw the digital tools.
Color 1 : Introduction to the different color options and settings and how to adjust them.
Color 2 : learn how to play with color and fully colorize your drawing.
Traditional Drawing Tips : Correction of your artwork using theoretical rules like perspective,composition, contrast.
Apply effects : Introducing different special effects to play with your drawing.
Finalizing : From a rough sketch or idea, bring a fully refined digital artwork, pushing the details and the color harmony.
Final tips: work hard & feed on unexpected inspiration and healthy criticism.


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After this course

Upon completion of the Digital drawing course, perhaps you are interested in upgrading your Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign skills:


   Photoshop Primer

   Illustrator Primer

   InDesign Primer

ShinyLayers course completion and  graduation mark

Student reviews

"I am an aspiring fashion designer and this course has been very helpful in getting me started. It guides you through step by step on how to get lines started and color schemes by giving you assignments and making sure you achieved what the chapter was teaching you. I thought it was a great class."

"As a traditional drawing teacher, I highly recommend this course and found the condition terrific. Thank you much! "

"This course gives much fuel for imagination: I've gained great insight in expanding creative capabilities using digital age tools."


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