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Digital Graphic Design

ShinyLayers Digital Graphic design course: course objectives


Taught by highly skilled industry experts, this hands-on course is designed to build up your professional design skills.

Using the design building blocks as a language, you will bring your creative design projects to a whole new level.

Course Objectives

Targeted towards new and mid-level designers, this course aims to let you design well - and enjoy yourself doing so - regardless of the output media.

4 main objectives:

Mastering the composition principles of visual design and the main design elements: shapes, pictures, typography and color.
creative use of abstract and concept in the design process in function of the desired message.
analyze and make critical assessments on various designs.
ability in choosing the right tools for a smooth digital workflow.


No specific background is required.
Those with strong drawing skills will find the design exercises in visual expression and composition challenges easier.
For the digital workflow, a laptop or workstation with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrtator installed. For software version or hardware details, please contact your instructor.

Digital Graphic Design course outline

Intro: Concept art and the digital workflow.
Basics of Digital Painting: interface
Basics of Digital Painting: interface
Basics of Digital Painting: layers
Basics of Digital Painting: brushes
Basics of Digital Painting: blending
Basics of Digital Painting: detailing
Shapes, Forms & contrast: importance
Shapes, Forms & contrast: breaking own
Shapes, Forms & contrast: shape language
Shapes, Forms & contrast: contrast
Lighting and Values: basic lighting terms
Lighting and Values: light sources and consistency
Lighting and Values: lighting scenes
Lighting and Values: bounce lighting
Lighting and Values: building values
Color Course: common mistakes
Color Course: HSB color space
Color Course: contrast
Color Course: how to choose accurate colors
Color Course: defining neutrals
Color Course: perceptions
Color Course: RGB vs CMYK
Color Course: warm vs cool
Color Course: Tint tone shade
Color Course: color harmonies and basic color schemes
Layout 1 qualities: balance, harmony and emphasis.
Layout 2 message: hierarchy, flow control, alignment and divisions.
Visual grammar rules and how to break them.
Typography 1: basic font families and properties. Legibility vs style. Character and paragraph rules.
Typography 2: Creative with type.
Final tips: work hard & feed on unexpected inspiration and healthy criticism.


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After this course

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